Archives for January 2010

Orams lose appeal in UK over Northern Cyprus

THE COURT of Appeal has handed down its judgment in the case of Apostolides v Orams. The Court of Appeal has decided in favour of Meletis Apostolides, a statement from his lawyers said. The present appeal is final, it added, and a further appeal to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is not permitted. […]

Smoking Ban Hits the Island of Cyprus

BUSINESSES yesterday reported an alleged 40 per cent drop in revenue following the total smoking ban on January 1. The reduction came as no surprise to the Association of Bar Owners which said it had predicted its members’ demise and warned of worse to come. “Nightclubs experienced what we’ve been saying all along,” said Association […]

Smokers have mixed feeling over ban in Cyprus

Recent reports suggest that smokers have mixed feeling over the Cypriot Smoking ban. Click here for the full story Source: Cyprus Mail