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about cyprus property dreams

About Cyprus Property Dreams We have a new page all about what we do and the benefits of why you should read it on our web site at Hope you find it interesting and will come to us for advice when you are looking for a property to buy in Cyprus. We are here […]

Greek Cypriot properties in northern Cyprus

Greek Cypriot Properties in Northern Cyprus A BRITISH criminal currently serving a prison sentence for drug dealing in the UK will soon be extradited to Cyprus to face accusations of developing and trading in Greek Cypriot properties in the north, the British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed yesterday. It will be the first time the […]

Cyprus bus service

Cyprus bus service Cyprus By Bus gathers data from all country form of public transport companies powered by bus service; comparable to EMEL (Limassol), OSYPA LTD (Paphos), OSEL (Nicosia), Zinonas Buses (Larnaca), OSEA (Famagusta), Limassol, Cyprus Intercity Buses etc, and is really a method to obtain data which happens to be more comprehensive and broad […]

A Cyprus property 5 star service

A Cyprus property 5 star service Julie & I started in 2001. The sole reason why we made a decision to so was we’ll insure the far better customised service to clients so they do not have to experience the worrying time we had, looking for a assets in Cyprus. No-one really took part in […]

Cyprus Government plans company tax

GOVERNMENT plans to introduce a €1,000/annum tax on profitable companies for two years have been received positively by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE). The government estimates that if around 100,000 of the companies registered in Cyprus pay this tax it will result in an inflow of some €100 million/annum into the state’s coffers. […]