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news about Cyprus explosion

Cyprus seems to be coping with the explosion on the 11th July 2011 with power being slowly restored but at what future costs to the islands people. The rebuilding of the Moni power station will cost billions but where is the money going to come from.

Cyprus electricity company EAC

Cyprus electricity company EAC AS of 19th July 2011  authorities announced that power cuts would be limited to one per day without night or weekend blackouts, Trade and Industry Minister Antonis Paschalides said. Since the Mari naval base blast took out the island’s main power station ten days ago, some areas islandwide have been subjected to […]

News from the Cyprus explosion

News from the Cyprus explosion News from the explosion and how people are reacting and feeling; The protest wasnt actually a riot. From someone who was actually there. They write; The media are trying to make it look worse than it actually was, so that people are afraid to go and prote…st, but it looks […]

Cyprus naval base explosion

Cyprus naval base explosion Please be aware that due to the large explosion in Cyprus this week that services a being interrupted due to lack of power supplies.  People are suffering power cuts which is making life very inconvenient for them at this moment.  Our thoughts go out to the families of loved ones lost […]

useful telephone numbers in Cyprus

Useful telephone numbers in Cyprus You may find these telephone numbers useful when in Cyprus. Calls to Useful Numbers  From mobile phones these are Useful Numbers to know. 1400 – Hospitals Info 1401 – Drugs Information & Poison Control Center 1407 – Forest Fire Reports 1408 – Communication between deaf & non deaf people 1409 […]