Cyprus Property Advice

Cyprus Property Advice

Having read the comments about the legal systems in Cyprus the question is, does anyone trust the legal bodies in Cyprus? In Cyprus it all comes down to who you know not what you know.

There are some very real and frightening threads on the web about the practice of some developers, lawyers, police, land registry etc etc and the reluctance of the Cyprus government to police and ensure compliance with the law, Cypriot or EU.

We have dealt with the Republic of Cyprus for over 11 years now and learnt a lot from our experience of buying and selling ourselves in Cyprus.

To be safe, as comments have stated, one must use reputable agents and lawyers and developers, but how does one find these kind of people if they have never visited before. Ask questions, but who to believe when answered. People do try to save money which could turn out to be a bad thing in the long term.

Iif you want to have a chat about anything contact us with  your number and we can pass on the benefit of our experience to you, we will tell you facts and try and point you in the right direction. Have a look at our web site at Homes for sale in Cyprus

There seems to be a lot of properties for sale at the moment and in our opinion prices have to come down, there are just not enough buyers and the GBP v Euro rate has totally messed up the market, Cyprus is not a cheap place anymore for anything. Some people are being realistic and accepting offers from serious buyers.

I was floored when I sought the price of a car I wanted in Cyprus, Euro 440000, UK price with a lot of extras added, £25,000. Cost of insurance for same car, Cyprus, Euro 840 v UK £220 why such a big difference, obvious, more risk driving in Cyprus and it is such a small island.

Whilst there are many things negative about Cyprus, there are many positives and on balance it is a better place to live than many others. One has to adapt and respect the Cypriot culture, (you won’t find that in many restaurants these days though), after all you are a visitor to the country, you can’t change anything and some things will really annoy you, let it go over your head and enjoy what Cyprus offers.

Do your research and make contact with people then go with your instinct who you trust before taking any firm decisions.