Dangers of not asking advice when buying property

This family are now in a difficult situation. Read on;

We wish it was as simple as paying him off as we were quite prepared to pay him whatever he asked for even though he was not entitled to it to get out of this contract. However when we purchased the house we asked him for permission to build our swimming pool which his architect said there was no problem with and now because he has other complications on the development i.e. he built 3 properties after his licence had expired, he his saying that the new buyer may have to demolish the pool! Apparently we do not think title deed will ever be issued for this development. The developer is not a true developer but a private individual who built houses on his wifes land

The moral of the story when buying a a foreign country, seek advice from those who know what can happen. Use an independent agent who will be truthful in telling you the facts, even if itmeans they lose the sale. A sale is not worth it if any customer should have problems in the future, that is our belief anyway.

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