Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property

Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property

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It looks like CYPRUS will be very popular again soon as demand has moved back into the top 10 in the latest report accounting for 1.74% of on-line searches out of all countries.  Read more here for an in depth view.  If you are thinking of buying a property in Cyprus it might be wise to act this year, remember its a small island with finite space and demand picking up across Europe can only be a good thing for anyone thinking of buying or moving to Cyprus.

Cyprus is a fantastic place to live with English spoken just about everywhere and driving is the same as the UK on the left. All public bodies can communicate in English, the health service is much better than the UK with easy and quick access.  The cost of living is much lower and life is so much easier living in the sun for 365 days a year.  Beautiful beaches, great towns to visit, skiing in the winter on Troodos what more could you ask for.

Transport links are great with two new state of the art airports, new marina’s built with more planned to accept the deep ocean cruise ships and new shopping malls giving rise to Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property.  The island is a jewel in the Mediterranean  offering a great lifestyle to residents and visitors.

Frequent flights by many airlines means Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property with access to anywhere in the world is within a few hours.