The Top 5 Issues When Buying Property In Cyprus

Buying abroad is a life changing decision and we cannot stress how painless the whole process can be if you are advised properly. Many people share similar concerns and trepidation when buying abroad. Who wouldn’t? It is possiby the investment of a lifetime and you need to be absolutely certain you are in safe trustworthy hands. Here, we highlight the Top 5 Issues when buying property in Cyprus.

Buying in Cyprus is usually a smooth process, but on rare occasions there can be misconceptions about what is involved and how the process works.

Issue 1: It doesn’t matter where I buy in Cyprus….

Actually, this is wrong – it does matter. Cyprus is currently split into two. Northern Cyprus is governed by Turkey and the remainder of the Island comes under Greek jurisiction. The Northern (Turkish) area was captured during an invasion of 1974 and is not an internationally recognised government.

We ONLY sell properties in the Republic area of the Island. Cyprus is a member of the EU and the Republic area is governed by the recognised Cypriot government.

Issue 2: I don’t need a lawyer….

In theory you don’t need a lawyer, but in practice we would advice seeking legal help just to ensure all the documentation is in order. We can recommend an English-speaking Lawyer who we have dealt with personally on many occasions.

Issue 3: I don’t need to use middle-men to buy in Cyprus

We have helped hundreds of people purchase in Cyprus. We know the process, the potential pitfalls, the best resorts, schools – almost everything you can think of. This comes through experience. And remember – using us costs you absolutely nothing.

Issue 4: I will need to sell all my belongings before I go.

No you do not need to do this, although it’s probably the ideal time to undertake a spring clean! We can recommend shipping agents who will ensure your belongings are safely transported to your new property in Cyprus.

Issue 5: I have Health Issues and will not receive the level of care required in Cyprus

Health Care is very good in Cyprus and we can also recommend Medical Insurance. If in doubt, seek a doctors advice – The warm climate is often very good in helping with certain ailments.