Buying Real Estate Cyprus

Buying Real Estate Cyprus Buying Real Estate Cyprus may sound as a dream come true, but you should be aware of the hazards. Before taking any major steps, you need to be fully informed and extremely cautious in order to avoid scams. Getting the Right Place You should not only research the background of your […]

Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property

Demand on the rise for Cyprus Property It looks like CYPRUS will be very popular again soon as demand has moved back into the top 10 in the latest report accounting for 1.74% of on-line searches out of all countries.  Read more here for an in depth view.  If you are thinking of buying a […]

useful telephone numbers in Cyprus

Useful telephone numbers in Cyprus You may find these telephone numbers useful when in Cyprus. Calls to Useful Numbers  From mobile phones these are Useful Numbers to know. 1400 – Hospitals Info 1401 – Drugs Information & Poison Control Center 1407 – Forest Fire Reports 1408 – Communication between deaf & non deaf people 1409 […]

Cyprus living standards

 Cyprus living standards   Many people require sufficient standards of living and infrastructure development to enable them to decide the place to reside with their family and loved ones.   One of those places is the Republic of Cyprus which offers people the ability to work and for retired persons to make a new life and enjoy new found freedoms.  […]

about cyprus property dreams

About Cyprus Property Dreams We have a new page all about what we do and the benefits of why you should read it on our web site at Hope you find it interesting and will come to us for advice when you are looking for a property to buy in Cyprus. We are here […]