Buying Real Estate Cyprus

Buying Real Estate Cyprus Buying Real Estate Cyprus may sound as a dream come true, but you should be aware of the hazards. Before taking any major steps, you need to be fully informed and extremely cautious in order to avoid scams. Getting the Right Place You should not only research the background of your […]

Cyprus Title Deeds

Cypriot title deeds are being issued at a faster rate than ever but according to the , only 21% of people told the deeds are ready for issue respond to have their properties transferred.   The present situation (2011) of the and the lack of funds by the buyers, contributes to the reasons, after 3 years […]

Prepare for Cyprus rip-offs

 Prepare for Cyprus rip-offs WARNINGS were issued yesterday that consumers should brace for the knock-on effects of the 6.96 per cent electricity hike as the price of goods and services rise, and profiteers may take advantage. The warnings came at the same time as an announcement that water prices would go up as of next […]

Cyprus electricity company EAC

Cyprus electricity company EAC AS of 19th July 2011  authorities announced that power cuts would be limited to one per day without night or weekend blackouts, Trade and Industry Minister Antonis Paschalides said. Since the Mari naval base blast took out the island’s main power station ten days ago, some areas islandwide have been subjected to […]

News from the Cyprus explosion

News from the Cyprus explosion News from the explosion and how people are reacting and feeling; The protest wasnt actually a riot. From someone who was actually there. They write; The media are trying to make it look worse than it actually was, so that people are afraid to go and prote…st, but it looks […]