Cyprus electricity company EAC

Cyprus electricity company EAC AS of 19th July 2011  authorities announced that power cuts would be limited to one per day without night or weekend blackouts, Trade and Industry Minister Antonis Paschalides said. Since the Mari naval base blast took out the island’s main power station ten days ago, some areas islandwide have been subjected to […]

A Cyprus property 5 star service

A Cyprus property 5 star service Julie & I started in 2001. The sole reason why we made a decision to so was we’ll insure the far better customised service to clients so they do not have to experience the worrying time we had, looking for a assets in Cyprus. No-one really took part in […]

Eco homes come to Cyprus

We have just agreed a partnership with a Swiss company who are building eco friendly houses in Cyprus, they have many styles and designs ready or you can have your own. Once planning has been approved the houses are normally erected within 3 months finished and key ready. We have seen some examples and they […]

Seven Reasons Cyprus Property Investments So Attractive

Seven reasons to invest in Cyprus property and real estate. 1, The Sunshine virtually every day: With less than 20 days of predicted rainy weather, Cyprus is a far cry from England’s much cooler climate and something many British people find very attractive. 2, Property is up to 30% lower than in 2008 Now is […]

Information on Cyprus

Promise of year round sunshine in Cyprus makes it a popular destination